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Are you single? Are you longing to meet someone? Or wish you at least had someone to date sometimes? Was the longest you dated someone last? Or you may just meet potential dates on the hook and have tired of it?

The dating online in all glory, many people who digs it, but definitely not everyone. Yesterday when it was Friday night and I hung at the gym at 19 o’clock, it hit me … It was how much guys anywhere at the gym when I went and I got a feeling that if you are single and tired of meeting guys on the hook Should one of course hang on the gym a Friday night! Or if there are girls you want to meet, it works, however, but on my gym, most girls hang in the “girl department” so can be trickier for you guys.

Anyway, I thought it must be most singles hanging on the gym a Friday night (and we with distance relationship). Guys and girls in relationship do I guess either have my evening and dates each other, go out together or hang on dinners. My own little conclusion and no statistically secured survey …. 🙂

And fine wonderful fantastic singles, don’t give up. Love is there, but sometimes it linger. Right now, I really remember how it was to be single, while it feels like my “original state” to be just single because I was there for 21 years before. So yes, believe me, you will not have to be alone the rest of your life even though it feels so!

Give the gym a chance and let me know if it works;) or maybe you already have experience from ragging on the hook or been assignired, something that led to a date? Tell!

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I actually deeper a guy I met at the gym in 2007. It did not led to some relationship but it was a good place to find “hunting” on;) (with the same interests)

Yes you see, fun to hear! Who took the initiative then ?? Thinking that it is the most difficult thing at the gym, one might not want to disturb anyone who trains etc.

The gym absolute, however, is some a little “for interested” of training and health to suit everyone so you get well sift among the different to find the gold grains.

So it can probably be, of course. One gets to spare after someone who doesn’t hang out there 24/7;)

Hey therese! What fun you found here – and welcome! Jaaa, you get to try! What strategies have you trying with so far ?? Hug on you!

The gym is nothing bad place to meet guys on. When I went to high school I met a guy at the gym. It was not very long, but still. It was very ripping at that gym I know Haha.

See there, yet another, fun Rebecca! Even asking you, who took the initiative at the gym? 😉

I am a guy who is 34 years.Ska dating a girl who is 23 years .. really want her and want some tips from your girls?

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