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JassÃ¥ Yes, two souls have Swipeat right and chatted about everything between heaven and earth for a week now. Perhaps you have also had to change instagram and left the tinder app to chat on Messenger. We all know the dance: Match, chat and then meet. The first physical meeting has come to speech and the classic question “What should we do” have been balled back and forth. Everything that usually ends it to go and take a beer at a bar in town – the weather is nice so you can always sit outside. But does not feel right done now? There must be more fun things to do with their future life partner than drinking a bright layer or a glass of Charles de Fere.

Therefore, you now get 5 tips on what you can do to make your tinders a little more special. We have designed activities along things that everyone can do so that no one needs to feel that it becomes awkward, that is,: no crossfit pass, no sick yoga controls or a trip on sailboat (you can exhale). Of course, we have also had the student budget in mind when choosing the activities.

If you do not want to keep you away from coffee / beer / wine / bubble or similar so combine it with any other activity to spice the date. You can, for example, bowling, play billiards or boules. They are simple activities that fit in an already tight student budget. They are also good because you don’t have to worry about sweat bulbs or you have to perform.

Go to museum, exhibition, concert or any other event. There are many free events and exhibitions you can go on. It may not be optimal to get to know the other person because it will be difficult to talk on the actual event but just think what discussions you can have afterwards! Shit, here you skip Deep Talk directly. And we mean, they thank you no to such a activity, you can also quite quickly determine if you have similar interests or not.

Jump on the bike and go away a piece from town. It is cruel to cycle because you can talk to each other without much effort while you have something to do. Find some fun excursion destinations so you have a goal with the tramping too. Then you are well worth it where the berry if you want it;)

An activity that has worked with all the polers so it should go to Copy Pastea this to a tinder depth. Almost everyone likes the donkey – it’s cheap and easy to bring! And as we all know, there is no better picnic point than the car, it is then old. There you can have atmospheric music, it is hot, you avoid all flies + it is convenient to sit.

This tip is guaranteed cheaper and more fun than cooking at the restaurant. Here you can chop vegetables to the “Making Dinner list” on Spotify and talk about everything between heaven and earth. Perhaps you can comment on the interior, laugh at the other’s attempt not to burn the food or cry together over the chopped onion. This is also a cruel date because you can see if the other is something to have in the kitchen or if it gets take-away food in the future.

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