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The tax agency will then have to return that money within the stipulated period for it, in the case of doing it later, it has to apply a surcharge for the delay.

In the Electronic Headquarters of the Tax Agency you can track your return and see what state it is in, this will help you to know if you have more or less time to collect.

To obtain this information on the status of the processing of the return of Income 2019, it is accessed through the banner of the campaign “Income 2019. Advancing with you” by entering your file through the option “Draft / declaration processing services (Income WEB)”

It can be confirmed from the device used without the need to provide additional documentation. The draft income is for guidance purposes and the final responsibility for the return is the taxpayer who presents or confirms it in the case of the draft.

It is not mandatory to present the return after consulting it, therefore it is recommended that any taxpayer who has received any type of income in 2019 consult the draft of his income statement even if he is not obliged to present it due to not reaching the income minimum required.

This year 2020, all taxpayers who enter more than 22,000 euros for income from work if they are from a single payer or more than 14,000 euros in the event that there is more than one payer are required to present their income statement.

As of the end of the Income Tax campaign, which in this case is June 30, the AEAT has six months to pay, therefore it has until December 30, 2020 to enter the money that the taxpayer You have overpaid during 2019. Normally it is collected earlier and many taxpayers receive the refund within a week of filing their return.

For the purposes of personal income tax, taxpayers who prove a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33% are considered persons with disabilities.

The degree of disability must be accredited by a certificate or resolution issued by the Institute of Migration and Social Services (IMSERSO) or by the competent body of the Autonomous Communities (CC.AA.). In the same way, the need for help from third parties or reduced mobility will be accredited (according to the opinion of the Assessment and Guidance Teams dependent on the Autonomous Communities).

The need for help from third parties to move to the workplace or to perform it or reduced mobility to use collective means of transport must be accredited with a certificate or resolution to the competent body of the CCAA in assessment of disabilities (based on the opinion of Assessment and Orientation Teams dependent on the CCAA).

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