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The candidate who does not pass the DELE tests or who, when the date of completion, does not attend them will not be entitled to a second chance, whatever the reason.

The CERVANTES INSTITUTE accepts registration applications for the DELE tests from all those who pay the corresponding registration fees, regardless of their nationality or origin.

In order to register for these tests, it is important —and compulsory when registering by electronic means— to provide, in addition to other mandatory personal data, a one-person email address of the candidate. Said email, the candidate is responsible for its proper functioning, will serve, if so established by the DELE examination center or the CERVANTES INSTITUTE, for the communication of all aspects related to the CERVANTES INSTITUTE and the DELE diplomas, their calls and posting and printing your ratings.

With the payment of the registration, the candidate accepts these conditions of purchase, declares to meet the administrative and financial requirements required to obtain the DELE Spanish diploma, and agrees to attend the exam provided with those documents that certify compliance with these conditions , which are the receipt of your registration, your passport or official identity document with an assimilable photograph, necessary for correct identification, and the official examination call.

Parents, guardians or legal representatives must register minors or persons without legal capacity to act, taking into account that they must provide a different email address for each of the candidates they register.

Registration for the DELE tests must be processed through the means that the CERVANTES INSTITUTE has enabled for it within the established deadlines.

To formalize the registration by electronic means, the candidate must follow the instructions of the electronic registration system and pay special attention to the terms and conditions that appear on the registration receipt. In this case, the payment of the registration fees is made by the means of payment that are determined in the electronic purchase process.

To formalize the registration in person at the examination centers recognized for this purpose, the candidate must provide the following documentation:

The payment of the registration fees may be made by the means of payment determined by the corresponding examination center (always specifying the concept “DELE Registration” together with the date of the call and the academic level of the desired diploma) or by electronic means that determined by INSTITUTO CERVANTES in the case of online registrations.

It is the candidate’s obligation to ensure that all the data provided (especially those that refer to information about their identity – name and surname, identification document number, and date and place of birth – and the details of the chosen DELE call – center exam, date and level—) are correct before the end of the registration process, since any error made by the candidate in the introduction of said data could be reflected in the official DELE diploma, whose reissue will only be carried out after payment of the corresponding expenses, in addition to causing administrative problems.

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