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The Canary Islands once again show that in this rally it deserves to be among the most influential Autonomous Communities on the national scene. She deserves it for her double appointment that opens the asphalt championship, for having given the track record of this sport names that are true motorsport legend and for the know-how of some of her teams. But in this 2015 season, also for giving visibility to the prominence that women have been acquiring in this sport for a few years now.

It is no coincidence that together with initiatives such as the inclusion of Beatriz Brito on the FALP board of directors or the launch of the specific commission, this year two young drivers will coincide in the CERA from the next Rally Princesa de Asturias. The Gran Canaria Emma Falcón –who returns to the competition after 16 months recovering from the back injuries that occurred as a result of an accident– and the Tenerife Elba Correa are now the mirror in which dozens of athletes who want to be rallies are more than just a hobby.

And they are not the only ones, since the pilot of Italian origin and based in Fuerteventura Christine Giampaoli was chosen as a ‘reserve’ in the Women and Motor Team created by the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation together with the Higher Sports Council with the support of the Group Renault.

With Emma Falcón-Víctor Pérez and Elba Correa already confirmed, given that the Rally Princesa de Asturias will also be valid for both the Suzuki Swift Cup and the Dacia Sandero Rally Cup, it is expected that Julio Martínez-Pedro Viera and Benjamín Avella will also be present- Agustín Alemán. Four teams that confirm that CERA continues to be the dream destination for many island pilots and co-drivers.

This is without counting on that rumor – increasingly far from taking shape – of a new participation of Yeray Lemes and Rogelio Peñate with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X N Plus ‘R4’ after its abandonment last weekend. There are those who also yearn to see Luis Monzón and José Carlos Déniz with the MINI JCW again before the end of the season, but it seems unlikely that she will be in this first of the two Asturian CERA events.

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